God’s Way, Not Ours

Special Topics

1 Kings 18-19, Isaiah, Isaiah 55:8-9


In this sermon from 1 Kings 18-19, we look at the example of Elijah to see how prone we are to trust our own thoughts, emotions, and perceptions over the Word of God. After a great spiritual victory, Elijah lost sight of God’s Sovereignty, showing us that misplaced focus always leads to discouragement and self-pity. Just as in Elijah’s life, God moves us out of self-pity into steps of practical faith and obedience. We must focus on the God who will never leave of forsake us, and the true believers around the world, never the church culture, or we will always be disappointed. What must be unlearned and learned in your life? What areas need to be renewed in your mind? Do you trust in His Sovereign control of your life? Always and only trust God’s Word alone, never your thoughts and emotions.

Topics: God's Word, Obedience, Trusting God

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