Desperate for Christ

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Psalm 107, Psalms


We don’t like to feel “needy” because we long to be in control, but we are needy before Him every day of our lives. In Psalm 107, we see that God’s loyal love: 1) ministers to the distressed (v. 4-9), 2) the condemned (v. 10-16), 3) the rebellious (v. 17-22), 4) the storm tossed (v. 23-31), 5) the destitute (v. 32-38), and 6) the persecuted (v. 39-43). Are you walking in stubbornness or are you humbly admitting your neediness to God everyday of your life? Open your heart and receive His divine love.

Topics: Dependence, Love, Security, Trusting God

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